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The Author Is Dead

Juliano Zaffino - The Author Is Dead - Blog


Juliano Zaffino

Why do you say “Pray for Paris” as if religion’s going to solve it?

Why do you pretend to care about the middle-east as if such false

Concern will absolve you of any guilt? Your apathy has dissolved

Suddenly; you didn’t care when it was over there, terror on the

Streets of Baghdad, Beirut, something-foreign-sounding, you

Didn’t care until it became airborne and spread, rapidly, overseas

Like a storm wreaking havoc over here, in our peaceful places,

Cities of love and light and warm, formerly safe spaces, invaded

By a terror of our neighbour, claimed in the name of religion,

Wrongly maybe, but claimed anyway. Now you pretend as if

Those falling cities were on your mind when they were on fire,

A day before Paris, a day before your hashtags. But God is not

Going to read your tweets, he will not think ‘fuck me, my timeline

Is exploding with the streets of Paris, maybe now it’s time

I did something instead of sitting in bed reading The Idiot’s

Guide to Theocracy for the fortieth time’. Is he going to turn around

And say ‘actually, this isn’t fine, murder in any name but especially

Mine, when I am supposed to govern with love and justice,

And I alone could intervene with love and put a stop to all the

Chaos, all the bloodshed, all that bollocks’? Why can’t you thick

People get it into your thick heads? Your prayers and your posts

Are going unread because, despite all the god-shit, God is dead.

France knows it – they do not need prayers or faith of any kind

And nor do we; one species, one race, one mind united by what

We share: humanity, that is what we need, what they should

Be waking up to see in Paris that we can move on from dead

Ideas, into the light and life of salvation as a post-religion state,

Enlightened, no longer frightened, an army of apostates.