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The Author Is Dead

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Juliano Zaffino

'Dressed for another day like today.'

'Dressed for another day like today.'

365.25 x 60 = 21915

I will wake up tomorrow and think:
Is this it? and why am I here? and
How do I find something more? And
Yet do nothing, just like yesterday.

I will wake up tomorrow and shave,
And shit, and brush my teeth and
Wash my face, and shower, and get
Dressed for another day like today.

I will wake up tomorrow and work
With my brain from the moment
My eyes prise angrily open, and yet
It will not save me from tomorrow.

If I live to 81, I will have that same
Morning twenty-one thousand,
Nine hundred and fifteen times
With no or minor variations to
The overall narrative.

Maybe 21916 then.