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The Author Is Dead

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Juliano Zaffino

'Dancefloor dropout dangles, by the skin of my teeth...'

'Dancefloor dropout dangles, by the skin of my teeth...'

Drunkless, drink more,
Can’t drink enough to sink
That voice saying “no more”
When I’m eyeing up
Ugly strangers in their scores,
Can’t drink enough to dance,
Only one in the room who can’t,
The only man. Some elixir
Thirsted for to stop up,
Shut out, shade away shame,
Move freely, free of hatred,
Self-loathing, self-blame.

Dancefloor dropout dangles,
By the skin of my teeth,
By a hand on my collar,
Eyes on some new-fangled
Newfound angle, a man
I’ve never seen before
With average hair,
Average face and teeth,
A mediocre score,
His shirt pleated though,
Temporary eye-contact,
Momentary mind-contact,
First meeting, first greeting,
Addressing, thought next,
Undressing, sex, the rest.

When I’m in the club, later,
When I’m back in the pub,
When I’m fucking,
On my own and in a group
When I’m fucking
Strangers in the dark,
Looking for a light –
Looking for a reason –
Looking for a heart –
With an absent mind
Committing treason.

In The Dirty Duck
Looking for a dirty fuck,
Some skirt or a flirt to fuck
In the bathroom, when I’m
Dirty dancing in the back-room
Looking for a life to fuck,
As I fuck it up, in The Dirty Duck.