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Juliano Zaffino

'I have written for you / And for the protest'

'I have written for you / And for the protest'

Note: 'crisis' is one of many poems written to accompany 'I'm Supposed To Be Having The Time Of My Life'.

- crisis -

You know, I guess
What makes me angriest
Is all the really petty
That I can’t escape,
The sort-of pointless bullshit
That you see day-to-day,
Snide comments
And Facebook posts,
Passive tweets, passive people,
Passing comments in the street.

Remember how you felt
When you read on a stranger’s blog
That the world was ending?
Do you ever think or feel
That the space you inhabit
In this collapsing world
Would be infinitely better
If it was smaller?
Is there ever a point to the asking
Of all these aimless questions?

And there’s a phrase
That sticks in my head
That comes from a place
That I don’t remember:
Music For The Long Emergency.
I’m writing a thousand poems
To get us through
The dark times, these hard times,
An endless disaster.
These poems are for the protest;
I have written for you
And for the protest;
I have written the protest.

Don’t you know that we are in
A fucking crisis? How is it
That you fail to see (or care?)
About the fucking crisis?
Will it help if I attach
The most perfect gif,
The most fitting music video?
Will it help if I describe it
In a hundred and forty characters
Or less? This is a crisis. Seventeen.
Would it even, does it even make
A fucking difference?