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The Author Is Dead

Juliano Zaffino - The Author Is Dead - Blog

"You Feel Things Too Deeply"

Juliano Zaffino

'supreme joy darkly inherited / dowry given in effervescent cynicism'

'supreme joy darkly inherited / dowry given in effervescent cynicism'

“You feel things too deeply”
You say.

“I am the weight of all things”
I laugh.

White-knuckled vomiting
TV-watching mental breakdowns.

Swallowing spittle ripped receipts
Saltwater eye leak seasoned to taste.

Blue sky battleground symphonies
Waltzing self evermore deathwards,

Sheared hair in fists, free, filched
Foreboding, follicles in mourning.

Yellow-faced mother grey hair,
Cardigan coming, going, exile.

Self-sabotage succeeded by suicide
On tiny screens, dead of night.

Rainfall suppressing fire,
Interminable grey, terminal,

Greek chorus desecrating hearts:
Pages flammable, pages porous,

Supreme joy darkly inherited
Dowry given effervescent cynicism.

Sudden sunshine trumpets exaltation
Maybe God, maybe-god.

“You feel things too deeply”
You cry.

I live beneath atomic weight
I say nothing.