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The Author Is Dead

Juliano Zaffino - The Author Is Dead - Blog

Is There So Much

Juliano Zaffino

'Singing hymns together forever, / I love the sound of us together'

'Singing hymns together forever, / I love the sound of us together'

Chaos and the summer soul deliver us
In the sunlight under blue skies
I can feel the joy radiating from you,
Reverberating body as you cry here,
Heaving, a living goddess looking
Dead in the eye and you,
Singing hymns together forever,
I love the sound of us together
And the sight
And the spirit
And the triumph

Chaos from our human hurting hearts
Propel us like atoms we are jostling still
Fury, euphoric cattle herded godwards
Dancing our feet into the ground planted
Like the thunder we are summoning
So keep going limbs languoring skyways
Digging roots they will not be torn asunder
Under the blueskysunsetduskendmoon
In the company of several thousand strangers
And a friend
And a spectre
And a goddess

Chaos as a scream in motion
To carry on with all that dancing, atoms,
Until the last left living among us
Collide a final time, break apart entirely
To become sub-atomic nothings,
The air and the sound and the sweat,
Music divorced of silent bodies,
Forgotten grief and funerals,
Stormbringer washing clean the chaos, god,
And the roads
And the hills
And the buildings
And the places, you