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The Author Is Dead

Juliano Zaffino - The Author Is Dead - Blog

"There are Sunday nights"

Juliano Zaffino

'to be alive is to be constantly fishing'

'to be alive is to be constantly fishing'

There are Sunday nights
I feel so lethargic
To be alive is to be so lethargic
I look for sympathy in corners
I run from weekdays by candlelight
What does it mean to have meaning
And to go to bed not knowing
That you have wasted your life today
And tomorrow isn’t looking good either
To be alive is to be constantly fishing
For feeling in conversations
You have no investment in
And singing songs in your head
To visions of holy clashing bloodshed war
Wonder why, wonder when the day will come
To be alive is to be, constantly,
And to be aware of that in acute ways
Road-rage screaming your voice away
Wishing you’d starved yourself again today
So at least you could feel accomplished
With a headache and a justified emptiness
Instead of this engorged parasite
Detached from its host, crumpling
To be alive is to sleep a third of all time
And break the rest beneath a fist