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Juliano Zaffino

'Frenetic with the fever / I shiver in Strasbourg / Dancing still in place'

'Frenetic with the fever / I shiver in Strasbourg / Dancing still in place'

In my mind
I went to Strasbourg months ago
I have been dancing to an overwhelming silence
With an overabundance of corpses,
Mostly women
Made frail with their final choreography
Sweating off the madness
And the sadness that has shaken me,
Shaking off the excess and the burden
So I’m freer to keep on dancing like before
When I was younger,
When the world was much smaller
And I could spin it to my rhythm,
As the music enveloped me
I felt love for the first time, unconditionally,
This is a plague possessing me,
Jealous of stillness and oxygen –

Dancing to Florence, dancing to Patti
Dancing to Kate and Nick and David
Surrounded by oceans and horses
And mountains and warcrimes and questions
Just an instrument, moved to muster
This motion, to master my own feet
Into perfection, into oblivion
I dance on a drumbeat’s edge
I want to be happy, I want to be weightless
In Strasbourg with a young man
Perpetual narcissist
Punching the air on tip-toes
Singing songs about myself –

Dancing to the death I go
Circling ‘round peripheries
Of vision and logic and sense
Frenetic with the fever
I shiver in Strasbourg
Dancing still in place
Like a tundra at nightfall
Frozen and falling
Shards of evanescent brightness
In the fast encroaching dark
Gliding, moved by a breeze
Until resting for a second undisturbed
Breathing and then off again, airborne,
Bound to cascade until the end, melting –

I am lighter
Dancing the weight off
Dancing the plague off
Ever lighter letting go
Spinning in the vain hope
I might take flight out of Strasbourg
Out of earth
And keep on dancing
In the stars
In the blackness
In the after
In my mind
Dancing –