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The Author Is Dead

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Juliano Zaffino

'Give me everything I want / It is not enough'

'Give me everything I want / It is not enough'


Love is a closed door
And I am an axe-wielding maniac
Who doesn’t even try the handle
I just want to get through
To be in the same room as you
Put your hands over my eyes
And blind me to a world I’ve never loved

The more that I am craving
Is in your desperate, fleeting grasp
Give me everything I want
It is not enough
A life so perfectly formed
Has nothing to do with me
Is lost far out at sea, capsizing

Our married friends could never understand
That there are unions
Unsanctified in Heteroland
That renegade affection is a grenade
In the hand of hate, the pin is in mine

Our married friends have less love to give
They are selfishly surviving
Jealous of others’ finite resources

And even the cynic has more love to give
Spending it liberally, lovingly,
“My cup, she never overfloweth”,
His love is ever growing.