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The Author Is Dead

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Kate Bush Is Not A Tory

Juliano Zaffino

‘Kate Bush robbed a bank once / And I watched her do it.’

‘Kate Bush robbed a bank once / And I watched her do it.’

Regardless of what she says.

Catherine Bush may well be a Tory
But I don’t really know her.

Kate Bush cannot be a Tory
Because she’s incompatible
With hatred and austerity.

Kate Bush robbed a bank once
And I watched her do it.

Kate Bush was a helpless husk
Waiting, womb-ridden,
For toxic air to greet her,
Nuclear arms delivering her.

Kate Bush saw her gay neighbours
Dancing and in love
And full of the joys of life
That they should not have been denied
And she sang about Kashka
Singing to the moon –
She did not deport them either.

Kate Bush was a saxophone
Which is the instrument
That Lisa Simpson plays
And Lisa Simpson is not a Tory.

Kate Bush ran up a hill
That men could only ever dream of,
For fuck’s sake.

Kate Bush looked dead ahead
At the gaping maw of life
She saw all the horrors of it,
All of it, and she chose to live
Anyway, to surface again
When the cold waters pulled hardest.

Kate Bush fought an unjust war
From the other side.

Kate Bush waged her own war
Against an army of exploitation.

Kate Bush danced her feet raw
Because she was compelled to do so. 

Kate Bush made a masterpiece
In a sun cycle, pushed for funding (probably).

Kate Bush danced with Hitler
And afterwards would have lost her mind.

Kate Bush had a threeway
With her husband and herself.

I tell you Kate Bush is not a Tory
Even if she wants to be
Even if she votes that way
Even if she tells you so
Even if that’s more problematic
Even at home, at your window, so cold