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'This Legacy Of Doom'

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About The Play


In an English town not unlike any you’ve visited before, preparation for the annual Literary Festival is about to commence, as soon as the board have determined who the next director of the Festival will be. Lisa is the obvious choice: she is well read, having made her career in books, and she champions new writing by international and minority authors. There are some in the town who think that Lisa, who is not a local, is pushing an agenda that excludes a lesser-known demographic: old straight white men. And so Mickey Boon, local businessman and loather of literature is thrown into the selection process.

A Miscellany Of Violent Crimes

Lisa is fearless, determined in her suitability for the job and her refusal to step down to Boon in the face of misogynistic slander, mob mentality and the threat of violence. She will pay a price.


Isolated from the town she loves, Lisa turns to the only source of strength she has left: her books, stories ancient and less so, to understand the horrifying world she finds herself in, and to make herself understood by those who have come to hate her. Lisa finds the answer in Ancient Greece.

In Cassandra

At once an adaptation of Aeschylus' Agamemnon and a truly modern meditation on the politics of literature, theatre, gender and justice, CASSANDRA is a play about the trappings of history, and the tragic consequences that befall all those who fail to observe its cycles and its lessons.

What Must Happen Has Already
Happened. We Cannot Stop It Now.

CASSANDRA, a new play written and directed by Juliano Zaffino & Mori Nakatani, will have its performance debut this March in the Hall at the Shakespeare Institute, Mason Croft, Church Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, CV37 6HP, produced and performed by the Shakespeare Institute Players.

The performance dates and times are as follows:

24-25 March, 2017

Friday 24 - 7:00pm
Saturday 25  - 1:00pm / 7:00pm

Tickets will cost £10, or £8 for concessions, and will be available for purchase on the door. To reserve a ticket, please email

For any other enquiries, including press, please email