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'What Must Happen Has Already Happened'


I don’t know these books the way I thought I did. Where is a woman like me? Where’s anger? Where’s fire? Here, in Lisa. Not Medea with her lust and savagery. Not Elektra, the wronged she-avenger, I lack an Orestes. And not Antigone, too proud, rejecting help, rejecting favour at the wrong time.

But Cassandra? In Cassandra?

What must happen has already
Happened. I cannot stop it now.

This prophet’s always known my face,
Such is her gift, and I in turn
Have always known her name. Woman!
I take your name, avenge our pain.
Apollo could not stop our storm.

Yes. I will be Cassandra then.
A last word, a lament, a prayer.
A prophecy. Silence cannot
Keep this body alive. I’ll wear
This prophet’s robe, wrapping me in
My own dissolution; this staff
I will carry, and these garlands
Will bring me my own death.

                                                           Not yet.

Lisa believes in expression. She is a self-professed bookworm, and the most suitable candidate for the directorship; she is self-assured to a fault, but truly believes in the power of books. Even so... not everyone in the town is a huge fan.