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Illyria Online

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Juliano Zaffino

Illyria Online Readers:

Some essays posted to Illyria Online between 2016 and 2017 have been temporarily taken down to allow for their editing, to bring them in line with one another, and to ensure adequate referencing has been done. As these essays were initially written for academic purposes, the referencing does not always come across clearly for this digital, online medium.

Essays include:
- ‘Hic et Ubique’: Joyce and Eliot, Hamlet and Hamlet, Antiquity and Ubiquity [essay]
- To what extent do the three substantive early texts of Hamlet (Q1, Q2, F1) provide a reliable map against which to read and understand the relationship between Shakespeare plays with two substantive texts? [essay]
- ‘You all do know this mantle’: the dramaturgical necessity of reporting in Henry V, Julius Caesar and Hamlet [essay]
- ‘Observe his construction of it’: deception and misrecognition of the written word in Twelfth Night and King Lear [essay]
- The Un-Death Of The Author: The Complicated Relationship Between Scholarship, Criticism, and The New Oxford Shakespeare’s Authorship Companion [essay]
- (Re-)Sequencing Shakespeare’s Sonnets: A New Application [dissertation]